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2012 to 2014 


Lone Mopper Productions

12605 W. North Avenue, Suite 153

Brookfield, WI 53005


Dear Ken,

It has been a pleasure working with you for the last three years as a speaker during my Living Skills class at Meta House. Your presentations on Green/Spring Cleaning were great! I remember being somewhat skeptical about the topic and how to make it interesting for our clients – which tend to have a very short attention span! By the end of each class, clients were staying after to ask you even more questions about cleaning. That told me that they were so excited by your presentation, they wanted more! You made us laugh and told real-life stories about how chemicals can affect the body. The clients, and myself, were so enthralled by the knowledge about alternative cleaning methods that you gave us. I know you have changed my way of cleaning at home which I am grateful for since the chemicals in other cleaners were hurting my lungs.

Again, I appreciate the time that you dedicated to our clients and the informative handout. Not everyone “gets” our clients and evidenced by how much they enjoyed your classes, you are welcome back anytime to do another class!



Linda Catterson

Career Planning & Literacy Specialist




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