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About Lone Mopper

About Lone Mopper

"Before we advise, we listen"


Who is the Lone Mopper?


Ken Galo, with 34+ years in the cleaning industry, working, managing, selling and marketing in both non-union and union environments in major cities across the USA is the Lone Mopper.

All of his skills and expertise come from hands on experience in providing quality cleaning services to high rise office towers (50-80+ stories), major manufacturing plants (Kohler-Simplicity-IBM-GM-Ford-GE-DuPont), hospitals, school systems, universities (KSU-LTC),major retail chains (Sears-Home Depot), stadiums, arena's and many small to medium sized businesses as well.

Just a few of my certified skills include:

General cleaning, training and supervision of cleaning staff

Marble/tile/cement/slate/ceramic floor care--stripping/waxing/honing etc.

Carpet cleaning and care

Confined space cleaning

Hazmat and Bio-hazard cleaning

Restroom sanitation on small and large scale (think football stadiums with 65,000 people)

Window washing at 60+ stories up

Wall washing including many types of surfaces

Pressure and steam pressure cleaning both manufacturing and food handling centers

and much more.

The Lone Mopper site is designed to provide you with ideas and support to help you grow and develop your business to it's fullest potential.

With a variety of forms and other publications you can utilize as is or to generate new ideas of your own.  There are 120,000+ janitorial service companies in the US and more are added everyday.  To succeed in this industry you need to stand out from competition and that is our goal.

From private, one on one consultation to customizable forms/letters (Facility Survey/Bid Walk form,Bid Presentation ) the Lone Mopper is here to guide you on the path to success.

Your path starts here: http://lonemopper.com/

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